As much as I was looking forward to my 5 minutes of fame to jabber on about something that I find pretty fascinating we all on the Creative+ team decided that your health is more important. Due to the large scale cancellations of pretty much everything around the city / nation / globe we want to take this time to cancel for this Monday.

This isn’t goodbye forever, we will reschedule as getting the knowledge out for all to be successful is very important to us. If for some reason that we cannot get together for next month we will work on a virtual medium in which we will host everyone online, the bad part sadly is that you have to bring your own pizza. The good side is you can also bring your own beer!

Either way we will miss all of you for a little while but also look forward to the time that we will be together again virtually or otherwise. If you want to “get together and discuss” we can always hop on that there Slack thing and chat it out. In the meantime stay safe, send questions about the topic, and we’ll see you soon. Sláinte