Cue the Christmas Music!

So yes it is that time of year when we are through the harvests and are getting ready for hunting, holidays, and time with the family here in West Michigan. For our family it is also a time that we take to give back to our fellow humans to help out.

Currently our family has a tradition to donate to the local shelter, Guiding Light, as well as the Devos Children’s Hospital but this year we started something a little new.

Since The Black & White Standard is a new and budding business built with passion and perseverance we want to make sure other businesses also have the same opportunity and at the same time showcase our skills.

If you click on the “Holiday Giveaway” link above you’ll be take to our team website to fill out the nomination form. There is no purchase necessary, all you have to do is fill out the form and display our card for the duration of your free web package. The lucky winner of the package will get a year free of webhosting of a 5 page website as well as a domain and email package that comes with it, the perfect starters package for a small business. The only caveat to the contest is that you must be located in West Michigan, constituted as west of northern I-75 until US-127 becomes the dividing line of the state.

Once you have your form filled out just stay tuned to our site for the announcement on Christmas morning for the winner.

The link below is to our Holiday Giveaway Flyer, feel free to take one for yourself or if you know of a bulletin board somewhere, or someone that needs a new website feel free to post this everywhere, we would appreciate it.

Giveaway Flyer

Thank you to everyone for all of the great support, we appreciate it and look forward to helping out a local cause do well in the upcoming year.