Let the Flow of Knowledge Begin

It’s the beginning of the season of giving and we have began to start giving you information to digest by adding the “Articles” section of the website. For right now there is only one article in there, but there are more to come and the Articles page will start to be fleshed out over time as more articles are written. 

As of right now we have provided an article about a few different email clients that we have considered and/or used in the past with recommendations of good email clients to use based on the features that are available. Whether you are looking for email hosting through bwStandard, or have your own through a data giant like Google you can use these apps and programs so if you’re looking to make a change or if you’re tired of the email screens that you look at now take a look at the new article. 

Regarding what else is going on we’re still out posting flyers and on the socials looking to give away a 5-page website. If you know a small business in West Michigan or a cause that needs help getting the word out let us know, the deadline for apps is December 12. Go Here to Apply

In other news it  looks like cloud storage could be on the near horizon. The bones are in place, just need to start doing some testing to make sure things are stable before going live. More on that as we get closer and have something a little more substantial to talk about. 

Thanks as always for stopping by and the support. We appreciate it.