Michigancondopros.com is a website for currently showcasing condos that are for sale in the area of Hudsonville, Michigan. I believe that in the future it has the plans to transform into a larger branded opportunity that will help others in the art of sales, the rest is still in development. As for now it looks great as designed by Dog Ear Marketing and has a lot of potential as it works down the road whether it be for more listings or educational courses to help others learn more about sales and we look forward to helping implementing those ideas into the framework of the site. 

In terms of speed this site runs a little slower than the rest but it also has a lot more privacy options that are built in. As I have seen in other sites bots, tend to run semi rampant across the internet and seem to drop a lot messages through input places on websites. Because of this we put in a few measures to crack down on such a thing, the opportunity cost is sheer speed but at the same time it creates a more efficient process for the customer and their customer.