The story of this website that we built with Woods Builders is one that we really appreciate! In conjuction with our design partner Dog Ear Marketing we took a deep dive into this site to help on a lot of fronts. Not only did we find a lot of pieces that were built in a rather odd way but we also were able to find ways to slash their bill by so much you would need to sit down before we could tell you.

Throughout the industry lately we have been coming across a lot of customers have been getting the wool pulled over their eyes on pricing. We understand that everyone needs to be making a dollar but price gouging is rather blasphemous. To us here at Dog Ear and Black & White the customer comes first, bottom line. The customer’s bottom line is just as important to us as it is to them and in this case it was being hurt substantially. 

Overall the package they were getting versus what they were actually using was just overkill and let’s be honest, they aren’t app developers, maybe community developers but nothing that requires HUGE hosting. We nestled them in here and are monitoring their server to scale instantaneously as need be because that’s what good customer service is.

Kudos to our partner in the design sector over at Dog Ear. Nice work! Katelyn at Dog Ear took this rather large site and designed it out to serve in a speedy 2.1s. Let’s be honest, she didn’t get there alone but a good speed starts with a good design, bwS just helped it along. Either way great job on this site as it’s a commercial site that powers a great business in our hometown of Grand Rapids. This site drives the business and we’re both excited to be able to be a integral part in their success. There is still room for improvement as we still haven’t opted into a deep optimization but without it it’s quite the speed demon. 

To conclude this episode of SITE LAUNCH, we just want to let you know if you or anyone you know are spending WAAAAAYYYYYY too much on your hosting or maintenance etc. please drop us a line either here or  There is absolutely no reason that anyone needs to be paying over $800 a YEAR  for hosting or maintenance. #profitmore people! If you aren’t sure if you are paying too much please feel contact us for a FREE audit and we’d be happy to make sure that you get exactly what you need with out gouging your bottom line. We’re all in this together and want to make sure you’re successful.