Good morning everyone, it’s time for another update in our story here. In the last few days the cloud server has been worked on to bring it live and we have finally gotten there. Now it’s time for the testing / live phase. For anyone looking to get some free space in the cloud that doesn’t involve all of the big data companies this is for you. 

bwCloud image

Currently we have a 20TB RAID 10 server that is up and running with access via the web, app, and FTP. Currently while in the testing phase we will be giving out user accounts upon application and will be having soft limits on the amount of data that can be stored. A soft limit, meaning that you can have as much space as you want, but may be asked to reduce as more users test the platform.

As the space on the drive begins to fill up and limits are starting to be exhuasted a tiered pricing system will be put into place.

If you’re looking for place to put your pc backups or backup your phone files in the cloud to be accessed around the globe this is for you. The server is encrypted, requires a secure connection and all of your files will be innaccessible to any other users. Simply connect via app or FTP for the easiest use.

Coming soon there will be a tutorial on how to make those connections.

To apply please fill out the form below.