On one of newest projects we had the task of creating an events platform to display a schedule in a nie looking way as well as be able to sell tickets to the event and to add to it, scan the tickets via smartphone to check the attendees in at the event on the day of. This is the first of the kind that we were able to deploy and happy to do so for Tobacco Barn Distillery. 

Overall the job took a few plugins to make sure everything worked but didn’t take too much time to get everything in place. We even deployed a specialized Square gateway rather than the standard Paypal or Stripe payment gateway.

The first event that is being hosted on the new system is to benefit the “Semper Fi Fund” and is showcasing the World’s Fastest Boubon! Stop by here  to get a ticket for yourself and donate to the fund. 

As of right now I’m not 100% sure the event will be taking place due to the mass quarrantines and the Covid-19 virus but nevertheless it’s always nice to donate to a good cause. Keep your eyes peeled on the updates for the event as time goes on and overall make sure that you stay safe in this very interesting time in our country’s history. 

We are still working amidst the current situations with DogEarMarketing but in a remote capacity. If you’re looking for a website or any sort of work that we can help you with we would be more than happy to have a remote conference or phone call to get everything squared away. Good Luck, and stay healthy.